Battery Intelligence
as a Service


Our solution  as a service is realized using simple miniature non-intrusive wireless sensor combined with cloud platform that provides the battery intelligence.

Customer Benefits

Do you want to improve operations?

Bamomas solution is a great choice if you tick at least one of the following questions:
• Avoid unexpected downtime of your own or your customer’s battery systems?
• Reduce your battery maintenance costs by using usage based model?
• Educate your people and customers to use their batteries better?
• Save money by extending the lifetime of your batteries?
• Monitor the usage patterns of your battery systems?
• Reduce your liabilities on battery warranties?

  • Bad use shortens battery lifespan by 30% or even more. Maximize lifespan of your batteries with Bamomas.

  • You will not experience unexpected downtime with Bamomas solution.

  • Make selection of ready to use battery from your fleet faster by 80% with Bamomas.


The partners of our international team are:

Raimo Vuopionperä

Raimo (Ph.D.) has 20+ years of experience in working, building, leading, and managing ICT & science organizations and efforts.

Pavel Marek

Pavel (B.Sc.) is our R&D champion. He leads the R&D and has designed the battery sensors.

Yevgeni Koucheryavy

Yevgeni (Prof. at TUT) has 20+ years of experience in field of communications. He is a serial entrepreneur and an angel investor.

Interested to experience more?

Please contact us at to get more information and inquire about possibility to get a pilot installation!

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